RediATM update

Important changes to the rediATM network

RediATM update

Important changes to the rediATM network

Effective 1 February 2019, cardholders may no longer be able to access cash free of charge from the rediATM network.

We’ve been a long standing member of the rediATM network to provide our members with access to a national network of ATMs without charge. However, in September 2017, the big Australian banks and other banks removed ATM access fees for cardholders from other banks. This means that if a cardholder uses these ATMs, they will not be charged a fee.

There are now over 10,000 ATMs across Australia where you can access cash without charge.

Other ways you can access your money
As well as utilising fee free ATMs, there are many other convenient ways for you to access your money and to make payments.

You can ‘tap and go’ for purchases using payWave, and now paying with your phone using mobile wallet is easier than ever before and equally as secure. With our online banking and our mobile app utilising OSKO by BPAY® and PayID, you can now transfer money and make fast, convenient, simple and secure payments in real-time.

Why have we withdrawn from the rediATM network?
As a result of the changes mentioned above, members now have fee free access to thousands more ATMs than ever before. This has removed the need for us to be part of the rediATM network. The significant cost savings this provides the bank will enable us to reinvest the savings into a range of other areas benefiting all members.

Will I be charged a fee at rediATMs?
From 1 February 2019 rediATMs may charge you a fee for withdrawing cash. If they do, you will be asked on screen to accept the charge. We strongly recommend you read all ATM screens carefully before continuing with a transaction.

Can I still change my PIN at a rediATM?
From 1 February 2019 you will no longer be able to change your PIN at a rediATM. You are able to change your PIN online in Internet Banking and at any of our offices around the country.

Other banking services

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