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A male's hand taking an item out of a shipping box that he bought online.

Amazon in Australia

What happened when international ecommerce giant Amazon hit Australian shores? By many accounts, not much.

While it's no secret that Australian shoppers love a good deal, the shake up predicted by Amazon's arrival in Australia wasn't as big as expected.

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A female uni student sleeping in front of an open laptop.

The importance of sleep while studying

Pulling an all-nighter might not be the best way to get an HD

Studies have shown that getting enough sleep can help improve your academic performance, so put the books down and get a good night's sleep tonight.

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Young woman broswing for clothes wearing sunglasses

5 ways to save while travelling

Here are 5 ways to keep more money in your pocket on your next holiday.

There's more to a great travel deal than just cheap flights.

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A man playing tennis.

Why UniBank supports university sport

Playing sports is good for your mental fitness as well as your physical fitness

Did you know that university students who participate in sport during their studies could earn more than students who don’t?

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Female university student walking while wearing headphones and carrying backpack

Student budget hacks

20 tips for making your money stretch further

For the next few years, your studies are going to feel like a full-time job. This means you might not have as much time for your part-time job that both pays the bills and gives you the much-needed cash to enjoy yourself.

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Smiling female university student walking to class

How to build a career that will last

What does a world of constant change mean for students?

While emerging technologies have meant that in some industries roles have dissolved while in many others, new jobs have surfaced.

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