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Money Matters

Money Matters covers information on the important issues in finance, education, property and travel. The articles are designed to be insightful, entertaining and informative.

Writing a pros and cons list about life's big expenses and how to manage them.

Paying for life's big expenses

Savings, a credit card or a personal loan – which option is right for you?

Pros and cons for using personal loans, credit cards and your savings to pay for big expenses. Which should you use?

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A woman with dark hair and glasses trying to decide between an overdraft and a personal loan while sitting at her desk.

Overdraft or a personal loan

An overdraft or a personal loan – which is right for you?

Personal loans and overdrafts are two popular ways to cover a big purchase or unexpected expense. Find out the differences and which option is right for you.

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Financial health check - image of person putting money into a piggybank

Financial health check: start 2020 on the right foot

Checking in on your habits should be a priority for everyone.

With a new decade right around the corner, it’s time to take stock of your finances.

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How to be sustainable - image of laughing girl wearing sunglasses carrying fresh fruit and flowers

How to be sustainable with your finance, fashion and food

Ways to make a difference with where you put your money.

From your finances to your fashion and food consumption, ensuring you’re an ethical consumer can lead to positive change.  

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Tips for stress free Christmas travel - image of friends wearing Santa hats on the beach

Tips for stress-free Christmas travel

Plan ahead and think outside the box.

Christmas is a time to say farewell to work and studies and take a long and well-deserved break. Try these tips for stress-free Christmas travel.

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Universities of the future - young person using technology

Universities of the future: what does 2040 have in store?

Science fiction is set to become a reality sooner than we think.

While our day to day lives will change due to new technologies, the way we learn at university is also set to be revolutionised.

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