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Money Matters covers information on the important issues in finance, education, property and travel. The articles are designed to be insightful, entertaining and informative.

3 min thesis winner being presented his cheque.

A three minute thesis

UniBank is a proud sponsor of the 3MT competition

What are the benefits of condensing an 80,000 word thesis into a three-minute presentation?

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A young woman holding a folder and looking at the camera.

The best places to study abroad

Combine travel with university and opt to study overseas

Make the most of your youth by spending a semester abroad studying in another country.

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A young man on the phone with a credit card.

The secret to good debt

Debt plays a role in our lives and careers

Borrowing money may be a key strategy in building a stronger financial future, as we progress through our lives and careers.

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iPhone calculator and laptop.

How to create an effective budget

Create a simple and effective budget that you can stick to!

Hints and tips on how to create a simple, effective budget and how to stick to it, helping people take the first steps to secure their financial future.

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A group of people smiling and laughing while eating at an outdoor table.

Open banking – the future of banking is here now

What is open banking and what does it mean for me?

A brief summary of open banking and how it affects every day Australians.

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Using a calculator to work out 2018-2019 tax deductions.

Tax tips for university employees

Claimable expenses in 2018-19

July means the start of tax season; find out what you can claim on your tax return this year if you work for a university.

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