Money tips

Looking for a few simple ways to save and manage your money? We've created a range of articles to help you reach your financial goals sooner.

Money Tips

Looking for a few simple ways to save and manage your money? We've created a range of articles to help you reach your financial goals sooner.

A group of people holding up sparklers.

Financial health check: starting the New Year on the right foot

Checking in on your habits should be a priority for everyone.

The new year is here, and there’s no better time to take stock of your finances.

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The word debt spelled out with blocks.

Why consolidate your debt?

Tips to help you stay on top of your debt

Consolidation can help you get on top of your debt, but there are some important things to keep in mind.

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A man and woman sit on their livnig room floor, using a laptop and smiling. A Christmas tree is to their left.

‘Tis The Season To Be Scam Free

We’re here to help you identify and protect yourself from the threat of scams this holiday season.

Here are the best hints, tips and resources to help you identify and protect yourself from the threat of scams this holiday season.

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Be Prepared for Financial Emergencies

Be prepared for financial emergencies

Stash away some cash to help you cover unexpected costs

Looking for ways to cover urgent or unexpected costs? It may be time to look at building an emergency fund.

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A young defacto couple working with a tax agent to complete their tax return

Filing your tax return while in a de facto relationship

What do you and your partner need to think about at tax time?

Wondering if there is anything different  you need to do with your tax return if you're in a de facto relationship?

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Australian money, $5. $10, $20, $50 and $100 notes.

Where does my money go?

Bank accounts are far more than just a convenient place to stash cash.

Even though we use our bank accounts every day, it can be a bit of a mystery as to how banks actually work. So where does your bank invest your hard-earned savings?

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Using a calculator to work out 2018-2019 tax deductions.

Tax tips for university employees

Claimable expenses in 2019-20

Be prepared for this tax season; find out what you can claim on your tax return this year if you work for a university.

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Computer keyboard with phishing button

How to keep yourself safe online at university

How can you protect yourself against scammers?

Know the cyber threats to students and faculty members, and how you can keep yourself safe.

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A woman with dark hair and glasses trying to decide between an overdraft and a personal loan while sitting at her desk.

Overdraft or a personal loan

An overdraft or a personal loan – which is right for you?

Personal loans and overdrafts are two popular ways to cover a big purchase or unexpected expense. Find out the differences and which option is right for you.

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Writing a pros and cons list about life's big expenses and how to manage them.

Paying for life's big expenses

Savings, a credit card or a personal loan – which option is right for you?

Pros and cons for using personal loans, credit cards and your savings to pay for big expenses. Which should you use?

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Financial health check - image of person putting money into a piggybank

Financial health check: start 2020 on the right foot

Checking in on your habits should be a priority for everyone.

With a new decade right around the corner, it’s time to take stock of your finances.

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Your credit report - image of smiling couple sitting together in front of a laptop in a stylish apartment

Your credit report: why it’s time to pay attention

Know what's in your credit report and how it could affect your future.

Your credit report may not be the most glamorous part of your personal finances, but it is one of the building blocks of a strong financial position.

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iPhone calculator and laptop.

How to create an effective budget

Create a simple and effective budget that you can stick to!

Hints and tips on how to create a simple, effective budget and how to stick to it, helping people take the first steps to secure their financial future.

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A young man on the phone with a credit card.

The secret to good debt

Debt plays a role in our lives and careers

Borrowing money may be a key strategy in building a stronger financial future, as we progress through our lives and careers.

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A man typing on a calculator - tax tips for students

Tax tips for students

Get the most out of your tax return this year

Tax time doesn't have to be complicated or scary if you know what to do and what to look for.

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Woman considering her ethical investment options on laptop

Are you an ethical investor?

What if your investment portfolio could do more than just provide financial dividends?

We have more power than ever before to influence our future and both our local and global communities. One way we can do this is with how we choose our financial investments.

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Female university student walking while wearing headphones and carrying backpack

Student budget hacks

20 tips for making your money stretch further

For the next few years, your studies are going to feel like a full-time job. This means you might not have as much time for your part-time job that both pays the bills and gives you the much-needed cash to enjoy yourself.

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Lady with headphones on a couch using a laptop

How to create a budget you’ll actually stick to

When it comes to creating a budget, how many times have you said, “I’ve got this,” as you open a new spreadsheet?

Invariably though it seems, sticking to your budget is never as easy as drafting it in the first place.

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two women with shopping bags going up escalators

'Tis the season to be thrifty

Each Aussie shopper is tipped to spend an average of $464 on presents alone this year – that’s equivalent to $8.8 billion nationwide.

Luckily, sales season is also upon us, so you can stock up on gifts at a fraction of the usual price and save yourself big bucks in the process.

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Family researching on a laptop while holding a credit card

Four ways to reduce your credit card balance

Transfer your balance, make regular repayments, review your transactions and reduce your limit.

These are some ways you can keep your credit card debt under control.

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Young woman smiling with her phone up to her ear and holding a white mug in her other hand

How to identify your financial personality

What does your financial personality say about you?

Understanding your financial behaviour can help you overcome any bad habits so you can improve your financial wellbeing.

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Ready for your tax return?

Here are some tips to help take the stress out of completing your tax return

June 30 is fast approaching, so it’s time to get your tax records in order

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Woman at home shopping online on her laptop.

How to save money when shopping online

Bookmark these handy sites to make sure you get the most out of your online shopping dollar.

If the US Amazon site was your go-to for online shopping deals, fear not – there are plenty of alternatives to help you get the most out of your online shopping dollar.

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5 Simple ways to get your credit card debt in check

There are some easy steps you can take to keep your balance in check

Whether you’re struggling to repay an existing debt or you want to avoid falling into credit card traps, use these five tips to help get your credit card habits under control.

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How to avoid paying the "festive tax" this holiday season

By being smart during the holiday season, you can avoid paying too much and actually save money

Read on for our tips on how you can avoid paying the “festive tax” this year.

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Young woman on the phone looking at computer and smiling

Money tips for the financial year ahead

Let’s look at some basic rules for building and preserving your wealth in the years ahead

Each financial year many of us make a New Year’s resolution to spend less and save more for our future, but without a plan our good intentions may not amount to much.

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Time to spring clean your finances

Here are some of the top ways to give your cash stash a boost this spring

While spring may typically be the time of year you give your home an overhaul, it’s also the perfect opportunity to do the same for your finances.

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