There are many things that can affect your everyday life, from your relationships, job, and personal interests. Our Lifestyle section covers it all.


There are so many things that can affect your everyday life, from your relationships, job, right through to personal interests. Our Lifestyle section covers it all.

A student using a laptop to learn online.

The Online Classroom: 7 tips for teaching and learning online

For many educators and students, teaching and learning online is the new norm.

The fine line between our personal and professional lives can blur when working from home, so we have put together 7 tips for success when managing the classroom online.

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A woman wearing a mask dropping off a box for an older man, also wearing a mask.

The wave of kindness sweeping the globe

During uncertain times, people are going above and beyond to help their fellow human beings.

As COVID-19 (coronavirus) spreads throughout the world, a new movement known as caremongering has arisen in response, reaching rapidly around the world.

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Plastic water bottle floating in ocean

The plastic free revolution

At UniBank, social responsibility is built into our very foundations

Find out what we are doing at UniBank to tackle the issue of plastic waste and how you can join us in going plastic free.

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How to be sustainable - image of laughing girl wearing sunglasses carrying fresh fruit and flowers

How to be sustainable with your finance, fashion and food

Ways to make a difference with where you put your money.

From your finances to your fashion and food consumption, ensuring you’re an ethical consumer can lead to positive change.  

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A group of students playing a team sport.

Join the team - the benefits of playing a team sport

Are you a team player? Here’s why you should seriously consider playing a team sport

As well as improved health, there are many surprising benefits to playing a team sport.

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A male's hand taking an item out of a shipping box that he bought online.

Amazon in Australia

What happened when international ecommerce giant Amazon hit Australian shores? By many accounts, not much.

While it's no secret that Australian shoppers love a good deal, the shake up predicted by Amazon's arrival in Australia wasn't as big as expected.

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A female uni student sleeping in front of an open laptop.

The importance of sleep while studying

Pulling an all-nighter might not be the best way to get an HD

Studies have shown that getting enough sleep can help improve your academic performance, so put the books down and get a good night's sleep tonight.

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Smiling female university student walking to class

How to build a career that will last

What does a world of constant change mean for students?

While emerging technologies have meant that in some industries roles have dissolved while in many others, new jobs have surfaced.

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Man looking through car window to admire its interior

Choosing the right car loan for you

Looking to buy a new car?

Here are some things to help you decide what the best option is for you.

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Lady smiling out the window of a car

5 things to consider when choosing a car

Here’s some things to consider when choosing your next car

With so many cars on our roads and in our dealerships, the good news is you’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to shopping around. However with all that choice, it can make the decision of what make and model you’ll go for that much harder.

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