Bank with confidence, knowing we’re protecting you, your identity and your money around the clock.

Keeping you and your cards safe

Protecting you and your money is one of our top priorities, which is why we use advanced monitoring technology to detect suspicious card transactions, then block them and alert you straight away. You can help by taking a few simple steps to keep your card and PIN secure – confident you’re protected by the UniBank Security Promise.

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Protect your card

Treat your card like it is cash. Keep it safe, protect your PIN and make it hard to guess

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ATM safety

Be aware of your surroundings at an ATM and cover your hand when entering your PIN


Transaction reporting

Report any suspicious transactions as soon as you can

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Additional safeguards

If your card is lost or stolen, let us know straight away

Contact us

  • Card gone missing?

    On the Mobile Banking App
    1. Tap Need help with your card?
    2.Tap one of the three options (damaged, stolen, lost)

    By phone
    In Australia: Call 1800 864 864 (8am to 7pm AET week days, 9am to 3pm AET Saturday) or our Fraud Bureau Service on 1300 705 750 (after hours).
    Overseas: call +61 8 9421 8737 (8am to 7pm AET week days, 9am to 3pm AET Saturday). For Visa cards, you can also contact Visa Global Customer Assistance

    We’ll cancel your card and send you a new one. You may need to pay a Replacement Fee.

  • Seen something suspicious on your account? Report it

    If you see a transaction you don’t recognise or spot any other suspicious activity, please call us on 1800 864 864 (in Australia) or +61 8 9421 8737 (from overseas).




  • Received a suspicious message? Let us know.

    If you receive a suspicious email, SMS or phone call claiming to be from us, please let us know immediately.

    The sooner we know, the faster we can deal with it and the faster we can let others know about it, to prevent them from falling victim.

    After you’ve reported, be sure to delete it – don’t reply, click on the hyperlink or share your Internet Banking or Mobile Banking App log in details.

More information to keep you and your money safe

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Stay safe from fraud and scams

Learn more about the tricks fraudsters use, how we protect you against them, and what you can do to stay safe.

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Mobile banking security

When you bank on your mobile using our handy app, you’re supported by multiple security measures – and there are also a few simple steps you can take to keep your mobile safe.

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