How do I find unclaimed money?

How do I find unclaimed money?

If your bank account has been inactive after 7 years and contains a balance of $500 or more we are required by law to send your funds to ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). 

A bank account is considered as inactive for example where you did not deposit or withdraw money from your account for a period of seven years or more. Any payment of fees or the receipt of interest are not considered to be withdrawals or deposits.

If you believe you may have unclaimed money you will be able to search for it on Find unclaimed money - 

If your unclaimed funds were submitted to ASIC by us, you can make a claim with us.

You can make a claim with us at any time and there is no time limit on claims. 

What do you need to make a claim with us?

  • You will need to prove that you are the rightful owner of the funds
  • The Original Transaction Number (OTN) which can be found on the ASIC website
  • You need to contact us to make a claim

We will contact ASIC on your behalf to obtain your funds and will refund to an account nominated by you. This process can take approximately 3 weeks.