Generate an up-to-date Transaction History listing

Generate an up-to-date Transaction History listing

Follow these simple steps to generate a current Transaction History listing on your account. 

1. Log in to Internet Banking

Click on the Internet Banking button at the top right hand corner of our website using your Member Number and Access Code. 
Forgotten your Access Code? You can reset your Access Code at any time, quickly and easily.

2. Select ‘Account Activity’ and ‘Transactions History’

Once you’ve logged in to Internet Banking, select ‘Account Activity’ from the main menu, then click ‘Transactions History’.

3.  Select time period and bank accounts

Next, enter the start and end dates, then select the bank account you need your transaction listing for. 

Then click the ‘Display’ button to display your transaction listing on screen for the dates and accounts selected.

4. Print or Save your statement as a PDF

To either print a hard copy or save it as a PDF document, click the ‘Print’ button at the top of the screen.

Next, set the Print Destination to print to a connected printer, or select ‘Save as PDF’ to save your Transaction History listing as a PDF document.

5. How to download transaction history in CSV, OFX, OFC or QIF formats:

  • Log in to Internet Banking.
  • Select the relevant account from your list of accounts.
  • Click on ‘View All Transaction and Account Details.’
  • On the right hand side of screen select ‘Download.’
  • The Download Transactions page will appear. You can select the relevant format you would like to use from the dropdown box, CSV, OFX, OFC or QIF.
  • Enter the relevant To and From dates, then click Download button.